A Pleasure!

Chuck & Jeanne R., Greensboro, GA

I wanted to thank you for the installation of our closed cell foam insulation.  The insulation has improved the comfort of our home by better maintaining the temperature, eliminating drafts and creating a quieter environment.  During a recent severe rain storm, the noise was limited primarily to the windows (little sound from the roof).  With the new insulation we have been able to turn off the heat pump at night in the central part of the house and the temperature is maintained within one or two degrees for a 10-12 hour period.  This is amazing since the exterior temperature is often in the 30 to 40 degree range.

An additional benefit of the spray foam insulation seems to be pest control.  In the past we have had problems with flying squirrels in the attic.  Although we noticed some squirrels on the roof recently, they have not been able to enter the attic.  In the past, the squirrels would have been in the house faster than we could get in.

You and the entire team were a pleasure.  You fulfilled your commitments in a timely and professional manner.  Thank you again.