Rob & Michelle Manchester
We had an unfinished attic bonus room over the garage.  When we decided to finish it into a play room for our daughters, we had Hewitt Insulators install spray foam insulation for us.  Hewitt insulated the floor, ceiling, and walls with spray foam insulation.  When our power was out this past winter after a terrible ice storm, we stayed in that room because it was more comfortable than the rest of the house.  Thanks for convincing us to go with foam insulation on the addition.  We only wish our entire house was insulated with the foam.  Thank you.
Dorene & Larry Ivy, Milledgeville, GA
You installed spray foam insulation in our entire house, including attic.  This past winter when we were without electricity for 3 days and nights, our house temperature never got below 57 degrees.  We had no auxiliary heating.  It stayed warm enough for us to be comfortable the entire time we were “in the dark.”  Thank you so much for convincing us that spray foam insulation was the best way to insulate our home for comfort, sound, and lower electric bills.
R. Williams, Milledgeville, GA
Thanks for another great job of foam insulation that you installed at our Milledgeville Funeral Home. We know this stuff works. After you applied it around the apartment and we saw the remarkable improvement in temperature and climate control the insulation made.  We are convinced that this really does make a difference. So it was a no brainer when we started our addition that we wanted to include the foam insulation. We will be getting you to come and redo the complete building in the near future.   Thanks for the neat professional job.
Chuck & Jeanne R., Greensboro, GA
I wanted to thank you for the installation of our closed cell foam insulation.  The insulation has improved the comfort of our home by better maintaining the temperature, eliminating drafts and creating a quieter environment.  During a recent severe rain storm, the noise was limited primarily to the windows (little sound from the roof).  With the new insulation we have been able to turn off the heat pump at night in the central part of the house and the temperature is maintained within one or two degrees for a 10-12 hour period.  This is amazing since the exterior temperature is often in the 30 to 40 degree range.